Aldente Trattoria e Vineria Italiana

             Traditional inspired recipes

             Italian regions!

             Taste the pasta

             „Al dente“

             It's not rice like a rice!

                We are learning from the Italian

                   ambassador of rice Gabriela Ferrona!

Home-made pasta

Each pasta is unique and it must, therefore, receive special treatment.

Pastas may be divided into pasta fresca (fresh, made for immediate consumption) and pasta secca (dry with greater durability, suitable for storage).

We take pride in the traditional Italian cuisine with an emphasis on fresh domestic pasta, or pasta fresca.

They are composed of 100% hard "bearded" wheat grown mostly in dry areas and from the water. Variations of composition, color, and la pasta flavors can be modified by adding the yolks of eggs or spinach, tomatoes and other ingredients and flavorings.

The list of food allergens

Lunch menu

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  • 1. Cereals containing gluten

    (wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelled)

     Cereals containing gluten
  • 2. Crustaceans

  • 3. Eggs

  • 4. Fish

  • 5. Groudnuts (peanuts)

    Groudnuts (peanuts)
  • 6. Soya beans (soy)

    Soya beans (soy)
  • 7. Milk and dairy products

    Milk and dairy products
  • 8. Nuts (all kinds of nuts)

    Nuts (all kinds of nuts)
  • 9. Celery

  • 10. Mustard

  • 11. Sesame seeds (sesame)

    Sesame seeds (sesame)
  • 12. Carbon dioxide and sulphites (eg. dried apricots)

    in concentrations greater than 10 mg ml / kg, l, expressed as SO2

  • 13. Bluebonnets (lupine)

  • 14. Molluscs, and products thereof

    Molluscs, and products thereof

Aldente Trattoria Italiana e Vineria

We are a genuine Italian restaurant in the center of Prague, which focuses primarily on the preparation of homemade fresh pasta which must be properly cooked al dente or bite. Our chef Luca Maria Carbone will prepare with team other original dishes from fresh meat and fish.

Unique desserts and a large selection of wines from Italian regions will be great
the experience of your visit with us.

The attentive staff under Tomáš Kubačka will be fully assisted in everything.

What meal will you enjoy with us?

A small presentation of our top-class meals prepared from fresh and quality ingredients.

Italian Special offer


Mussels on white wine

Salmon tartare with ginger

Caserecce with fresh tuna, capers and olives Taggiasche

Mixed salad with grilled shrimps and calamari

Medallions from Monkfish with lemon sauce and roasted spinach in butter

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Aldente trattoria e vineria italiana / Vězeňská 4, 110 00 Praha 1
+420 222 313 185 /

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m.

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the seller is obliged to issue a receipt to the purchaser.

He is also obliged to register a received revenue at the tax administrator,
in a case of technical failure, no later than 48 hours."